Hi, I’m Tyler. I’m a creative problem solver giving visual form to ideas.

Breaking PhotoshopBiological Illustration
BA Bunny
Printed napkin holders
Red Riding Hood Book Cover

Thanks for visiting my online portfolio. I hope your eyeballs enjoy the sights. I’ve been studying art and design for some time now and I built this site to showcase my work.

If you have questions about contracting commercial work please contact me!


My personal artworks usually take the form of independent comics and illustrated stories. Through them, I’m able to express myself while continuing to develop and refine new skills, explore formal visual elements, and experiment with creative traditional and digital tools.


With my design work I’m able to apply my skills to help others communicate their ideas. My studies and work experiences have given me a broad understanding of the abilities of our visual language, allowing me to design materials for a wide range of commercial applications. Including business materials for print and web to illustrated concepts for entertainment and games.


Illustration is the sweet spot where my interests collide. I think of it as my specialty, where I’m able to use drawing as the main tool for communicating a client’s message. I thoroughly enjoy working in this place where drawing meets graphic design and digital media.